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What are 

Supreme Skulls?


Supreme Skulls are a collection of 4,040 Fully Animated Skeletons on the Ethereum Blockchain. Supreme Skulls represent what it means to be Metaverse Ready!   

Our Vision 

gold skull-min.png

Our vision is to allow Supreme Skull holders to be able to follow the skulls along their journey and explore different worlds and metaverse environments along with them! To get a deeper look into our roadmap and fundamentals behind our vision, check out our official Whitepapers!  

Our Mint 

Our Mint is taking place on April 14th, at 9:00 AM EST for Whitelisted Members and at April 14th, 3:00 PM EST for Public Sale!

Our Mint will take place on a separate page linked here!


Explore    Digital Worlds 

Supreme Skulls sole goal is to be built for integration into 3D environments. We have shown some example worlds where our characters were easily integrated into with animations!


World #968

Paradise Island

Off the coast of the mainland in World #968, a Paradise Island was found to be a hideout of Supreme Skulls from the rest of the Undead.

Jump On

World #070

A city of Red Skulls found deep in the metaverse. A floating city with retro vibes... Are these skulls in the past or future?

Feed the Cat
!.0000-min (1).png

World #614

The Lost Temple

Found deep in the jungle, a lonely skull stumbled across what seems to be a Temple lost in the vast jungle on World #614. What could lurk inside?


Integrating in the Metaverse.

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